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Wave Analysis

Wave analysis is considered a complex method, but it is recommended that every trader know its basics. 

Data Analysis

The practice of working with data to glean useful information, which can then be used to make informed decisions.

Chart Analysis

A methodology used by traders and investors to make decisions in financial markets.

Overview of the Trading Act

The net trading method refers to a technique in which a fisherman hangs a net in advance and sells it when making a transaction, just as he throws a net when catching a fish. The characteristic of this technique is not only that it can produce meaningful transaction results without complex knowledge and skills like professional traders, but also that it can trade without the hassle of constantly looking at charts like day traders. The method referenced in the development of this trading was the accumulated stock trading method. However, the reasons for choosing crypto different from stocks are as follows.

Why This Trading Act Prefers Cryptocurrency Transactions Over Stock Trading

Transparency of transactions

In the case of stocks, ants cannot check the transaction details of the large shareholder volume. In the case of major shareholders with the largest volume, transactions can be carried out through OTC transactions, and in this case, it cannot be immediately confirmed by computer. In comparison, all cryptocurrency transactions can be checked on ONCHAIN. When a large volume is moved, transaction details can be checked through the chain explorer of each cryptocurrency mainnet, that is, an application that checks the transaction division.


The limitations of market manipulation

In the case of cryptocurrency transactions, it is misunderstood that market price manipulation is smooth, but rather the opposite. Taking Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have grown representatively, as an example, as of June 16, 2023, the daily trading volume is $15,639,207,293 for Bitcoin and $7,016,275,766 for Ethereum. It just doesn’t make sense to be able to move assets that are used for this amount of money on some institutions or exchanges. If it is possible to move (if it is possible to manipulate the market), the subject of market manipulation must also take a considerable risk and move. Therefore, representative cryptocurrencies can be thought to have proven their value as a product in the asset market to some extent. The characteristics of these assets are not easy to manipulate. We learned how easily the controllable asset market moves by stock price manipulation forces through the stock price crash and market price manipulation of Societe Generale (SG) securities. Therefore, it is very difficult to manipulate the market price, and this trading method is carried out centering on transparent bits and Ethereum.

Freedom of property

Freedom should have three types: religious freedom, political freedom, and property freedom. In order to achieve true property freedom here, a decentralized asset management tool implemented by Bitcoin is needed. Today, however, all asset management (HTS, banking systems, etc.) is run by a strong centralized system. My assets are not safely preserved in a centralized asset system due to unexpected wars, natural disasters, political transformation, and the collapse of the monetary system. But the case of cryptocurrency is different. Cryptocurrency has my cryptocurrency assets (bit or Ethereum) through various distributed wallets, and even if that wallet service has a problem, it can be recovered from another wallet at any time. It is also not controlled by the government, the financial sector, or a third party. This is why cryptocurrency assets are popular in countries where a country’s monetary system is actually dangerous, or countries that are at war.

A trading method

This trading method is divided into spot and futures. Spot is a method of buying in the long term and selling out when it reaches the target price, and futures are a method of buying or selling out using Long and Short in the short term.

Sales target

There was a big adjustment from Oct. 6-9, 2022. At this time, three installment purchases are made based on this trading method. Suppose you purchase 1 BTC for each price range, and each price range is $18,443 / $17,696 / $16,265, divided between 8 and 9 October 2022. And if you go ahead with your sales target at $21,305, your total investment is $52,404 and you have 3 BTC. Meanwhile, the company has set a price target of $21,305, resulting in $63,915 sales as of January 16, 2023. Earnings would be $63,915-$52,404 = $11,511. This is a surprising return of 21% of the investment in four months.

In this way, if the daily bar is adjusted short, various time bars look similar. Split the day into time bars and you can hit more nets. At this time, the price for each net stage is set and sold at the limit price. And proceed with the same selling price. Then, due to the nature of the bitchart, the way that came is returned, so when returning, all the divided purchases are sold out and closed after making profits.

The sale of goods

Futures trading is the same logic as spot trading, but caution is required because it uses leverage, and incorrectly set leverage can result in exhausting funds linked to liquidation. But if you use it well, it’s a way to make money in the bear market
In this chart, the method of making money from short is the same as Long’s method. Netted during the upswing to catch the sales volume five times.

The target price is set with TP.

Sales operation results

Three months of operations with this logic from April to June 2023 under Tapbit Demo account resulted in $18,000 in revenue for one account at $10,000
As a result of operating with another demo account, you earn $15,000 with $10,000

Currently an algorithm that applies this logic, registering as a copy trader and achieving 3rd place in TAPBIT overall yield!

How to participate in trading logic

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Tether deposit to TAPBIT moves Funds to futures

This logic works only when the minimum fund is $10,000. If it is less than $10,000, there is a risk of liquidation when participating in copy trading

A $1,000 plan is also being prepared, and the $1,000 standard can be copy-traded with the corresponding logic.

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